Opedix Women's BLADE-Tec™ 2.0 V-Neck Shirt

Women's BLADE-Tec™ 2.0 V-Neck Shirt

$ 125.00

With the introduction of the BLADE-Tec 2.0 shirt we have extended our patented Torque Reform Technology to the upper body and connected another key link in the kinetic chain. Over two years of development work and extensive proto-typing and testing have resulted in a just right balance of compression and tension to comfortably correct muscular imbalances- improving performance, enhancing posture and reducing pain. The unique scapular support and load distribution systems provide mechanical support and enhance sensory input to promote dynamic alignment and improve stability and range of motion- allowing you to do the things you love longer, better and with less pain and fatigue. Activate your upper kinetic chain and improve the way you move through life with the BLADE-Tec 2.0.