Opedix Women's CORE-Tec™ 2.0 Shorts

Women's CORE-Tec™ 2.0 Shorts

$ 145.00

The CORE-Tec  2.0 is a new addition to our CORE-Tec collection utilizing patented Torque Reform Technology to improve sensory input and enhance core stability - allowing you to do the things you love, longer, better and with less pain and fatigue. Featuring a lighter-weight base fabric with increased spandex content for improved versatility, stretch and compression, and 26-panel construction for optimal fit and function, the CORE-Tec 2.0 provides the perfect foundation for athlete’s seeking performance improvement and individuals rehabbing from an injury or dealing with chronic pain. By promoting neutral hip and pelvic alignment, and enhancing core stability, the CORE-Tec 2.0 will improve the way you move through life.